Sunday, April 18, 2010

something to smile about

I like to buy things that make me smile and/or laugh.
When I saw this dog toy I just had to buy it.
My dogs agreed it was a good choice.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whale watching

My head is finally getting back to normal.

So now is the time to start with semi-regular updates on my blog.

On the ship our first port of call was the island of Mauii, we were there for 2 days, and has Connie new the island well, the first day we rented a car and drove around ; we went up a volcano, and went to an a aquarium. Honestly on that first day we may have done more but as far as I can recall that was the first days highlights.

On day two on Maui Connie and I decided to go on a whale watching tour w/the Pacific Whale Foundation. It was great, I don't think words can describe just how great it was. The humpback whales are all giving birth right now, and we were lucky enough to see a 10d old calf (the size of a ford escort) breaching 12 tx's in a row, a very rare sight to see so we were told. The calves mother was also one of the 14% of whales that can re-conceive while still nursing , so at one point their were 4 males viaing for her attention ( aahhh boys) with much tail and flipper slapping.

We were on a boat slightly bigger than a catamaran, and had wonderful seats right up front to view all of this behaviour, at one point we were even surrounded by all these whales and the boat was unable to move. bliss!

I for one love being on and around the ocean, so the 2 hour trip was over too fast for me, but it was great.

It reminded me of another humpback whale trip that Connie had taken in Tofino off of Vancouver Island, in a zodiac where we were lucky enough to see transient whales.

Many thanks to Connie for taking these pictures with her awesome camera. :o)

is there a Veterinarian in the house?

is there a Veterinarian in the house?