Sunday, March 28, 2010

NCL Hawaii Cruise

So I just came back from my cruise around the Hawaiin islands, and in one word it was awesome.
I went w/ my friend and her parents, it was a last minute decision as originally my friends aunt was to share a room w/ her but was unable to go at the last minute, luckily I was able to go in her place.
I decided to go a couple days early so I could spend some time w/ Connie before the cruise began, the cruise itself was 7d, but I was able to take 2wks, off of my work to make it a real vacay.
I am so happy I did, it was great to reconnect w/ her and her family as we have been best friends for many years.

The cruise offered many activities on board ship and Connie and I participated, in pretty much all of them that we could.
( I will post a separate post on them )
(I will also post pics later)
So while I want to update my blog my mind is still all over the place, getting by on 2 hrs sleep pretty every night will do that to a girl lol. I shall collect my thoughts and post them in short little posts over the next little while.

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is there a Veterinarian in the house?

is there a Veterinarian in the house?