Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It was FUN!!!!!

So my update from this past weekends agility trial is I had so much fun.
I travelled up w/ my friend and her 2 dogs, so that in combination w/ my 3 my CRV was packed, however we had packed smart and even w/ all our stuff we still had room to spare, not a lot mind but room none the less. We arrived at the barn in good time around 8:30pm and set up camp ( I was very pleasantly surprised by the accommodations it is a very nice heated horse barn and the stall we camped in was at the end of the row and so we had lots of room)
The next morning was a cool one and I don't know if it was the cooler weather, the arena surface, where we were benched, experience, or the fact that my nerves are now gone when I run w/ Massey but she ran awesome. Massey often will get distracted when running a course so I know now where I need to remind her that I am there and so other than a couple of times she stayed w/ me the whole time, and w/ each run she was getting more and more confident and faster.
Our trouble areas seem to be the chute and me not making sure she is fully committed to taking It before I leave and the start line even though I have her attention right up to the release spot she still drops her head for a moment to sniff so I shall be working on those 2 things, but w/ that being said she was so great she was having fun and and so was I often w/ my training path w/ her it has so not been fun so I am glad that we are now on the same page and are having fun. :o)
I was also very touched (ok I may have shed a tear, lol) to have received an award for Starters Handler and dog showing great developing teamwork from Fionavar K9 training and Lynda Caughlin this means so much to me as I may not be the best handler out there and lord knows I have had my ups and downs w/ Massey but I listen, practice and try my best and it nice to have this recognized by an outsider who does not know my history w/ Massey.
On a side note both Esmae and Crawford travelled very well, when I had some down time I did training w/ both dogs and was very pleased to see that neither of them seemed fazed by the hustle and bustle of a trial.
I had such a great time w/ my wonderful and helpful traveling companion, the rest of the Go Dog Go crew, watching and learning the different handling techniques and meeting new people. Fingers crossed I get into the upcoming November trial in Calgary. :o)))))

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is there a Veterinarian in the house?

is there a Veterinarian in the house?